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Last updated: April 4, 2019 at 2:50 PM


Aaaa! Who's ready for a revival?? New default themes and more! High ranks are available for all clans except NightClan!


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Admin: Yuss! Also be sure to join the FIRST WLZ, which is currently in Revival Mode!!! warriorslivez.proboards.com Nov 30, 2018 17:57:33 GMT
Shadowblade: I never knew the original WLZ was that old... 2011. Wow. Dec 14, 2018 20:29:20 GMT
guardianangelwolf: yeah Dec 24, 2018 23:37:48 GMT
Admin: yes, it’s amazing! we are hoping to revive both sites as sister sites... all help there is appreciate as well, so try to advertise both sites! :3 I’m currently away so its hard to rn Jan 3, 2019 6:06:54 GMT
Shadowblade: Awesome! :) I'll try to be more active, very sorry i haven't been. I've been caught up in Christmas break and i've been sick and at school so i was busy. Jan 15, 2019 21:39:56 GMT
Shadowblade: Is anybody still active? Feb 22, 2019 16:57:12 GMT
Catt: not rlly... Mar 11, 2019 17:22:45 GMT
Catt: i wanna get things more active though Mar 11, 2019 17:22:51 GMT
Catt: it's cattuccino being too lazy to log in btw Mar 11, 2019 17:22:57 GMT
Shadowblade: Oof Mar 17, 2019 15:24:38 GMT
Admin: let's get this going if we can !!!! Apr 13, 2019 1:47:05 GMT
Admin: Currently working on the site!! Apr 14, 2019 19:22:39 GMT
Admin: All staff will be unstaffed till they reply to my message or email, which I will send shortly. Apr 14, 2019 19:23:00 GMT
Admin: please recreate your nightclan leader if you plan on staying! sorry, i didn't mean to delete it :S Apr 14, 2019 19:25:02 GMT
Shadowblade: Mk Apr 15, 2019 10:30:46 GMT
Shadowblade: Hiya, it's me Kitty, i changed my display name because i don't like KittyTheHedgehog anymore. May 24, 2019 20:51:13 GMT
guardianangelwolf: Oof I got a new phone and couldn’t locate warrior live 2 :/ it said “we could not locat warriors livez 2” and I was like... uh.... May 28, 2019 18:52:27 GMT
guardianangelwolf: Is WL2 still active, I was gone for awhile due to losing connection too often May 28, 2019 18:53:29 GMT
Admin: Hi! Currently we're trying to revive Jun 6, 2019 23:52:46 GMT
Shadowblade: Guess the revive failed, huh? Sept 23, 2019 21:52:47 GMT
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